What is router table?

A router table is mainly used by craftsmen to work with wood and make their work easier. It is possible to do harder work efficiently and faster with the router table than on any other machine in the market.

Moreover, it is a wooden woodworking machine with a vertically oriented spindle that protrudes from the machine table and may rotate at speeds varying from 3000 pm to 24,000 pm; there are cutting heads that are typically mounted into the spindle as well.

With its excellent working ability, the router blades shape the profiles inside the pieces placed into it, but Router tables let you increase the flexibility of transportable routers.

There is a different method for cutting for different types of material as each method is specifically suited to a particular application, such as an extra piece that is oversized to be supported on a milling table.

As small pieces cannot possibly be routed manually and require a milling table with push tool attachments, they must be routed with a transportable machine.

likewise, many examples can be found related to the performance and working abilities of router tables. But first, let me discuss the history of a router table, the router table has evolved like a makeshift tool within the shop.

individual joiner took a router, as well as mounting it in an upside-down position beneath the table, and praying the tip through a hole in the table surface after setting the router depth adjustment.

History of router table:-

The original router tables were formed by using routers mounted inverted beneath a table as improvised tools. This allowed woodworkers to make holes in the table surface by raising the bit through the router depth adjustment.

People used routers by mounting them on an inverted stand beneath a table and then sliding their bit through a hole in the table surface. Manufacturers began offering accessories such as pre-made table tops, legs, inserts, fences, hold downs, vertical adjustment tools, etc.

After that, manufacturers began selling complete router tables, such as the Inverted Pin Router, so they could start selling wood shapers, the very tool for which thrifty woodworking shops created inexpensive router tables out of scraps.


Several variants of router tables are available on the market, with varying heights, which will depend upon the interest of the users in which height they are comfortable. According to our team research, The best height is 5 to 7″ off end of your bent elbow to the tabletop.

but important thing is that It depends on the height of the user; if the height is short, then a router of a lower height is suitable, and if the height is above 5”1” then a larger router table is required.

Our team’s personal opinion and research on this question is that it totally depends on two elements, your interest, and your height. So we suggest chose it according to your height.


Dimensions of a router table depend on your interest and experience, and the most common is 24” (deep) x 36” (wide). But the dimensions that are most common in the router table are 22.75 x 27 x 14.5 inches.

In addition, the dimension of it depends on how comfortable you are with the dimension.

The ideal height for  shorter people is the 32′′ x 36′′ x 34′′. A wide range of different models of router tables is available in the market with 3/4” thick sheets cut to 36” wide for router tabletop. One is 50 inches long and the other 8 feet long.

router table dimension

Uses of a router table

It is an important tool for woodworkers. With the help of this tool, you can cut wood stock easily. With the help of a router, you can cut wood from any angle. Before you can start working on a router table, you must first know the basics. Primarily, you need to work with short and long stock and edge the trimming and template work. Additionally, it can be used as a jointer, making shaved cuts, and creating panel doors.

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