10 Common Router Table Buying Mistakes.

Your garage or workshop would be incomplete without a router table because it enables you to perform complex operations like making edges, cutting patterns, and creating grooves, among others. But Unfortunately, there are many mistakes people make when buying router tables. So, here we explain these mistakes and tell you how to avoid them so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

How To Avoid The Common Mistakes When Buying A Router Table?

These mistakes (and their solutions) are not listed in a particular order of importance, but they do provide you a lot of information to consider that can be taken into account before making your purchasing decision. Hopefully, your research will make you a skilled woodworker and best buyer in the future.

1. Brands shouldn’t be mixed:-

A good router table should be simple to choose: only a flat insert, a fence, and a good table top work surface are needed. So you only need to find the fence and the insert, you can save money by DIYing the tabletop. And all popular brands supply a variety of attachments and accessories for table routers.

So, the question is that Could you choose a specific brand? Or should you mix different brands so as to balance the quality with the price? In short, no, you cannot.
Because the majority of manufacturers are proprietary, every router table insert is different. Therefore, if you decide to buy one brand you have to stick to it because none of the others will fit. As an example, if you build a table around a specific insert and later decide to use something else, you need to use the same brand and size. This is also true of fences and other accessories.

Just a friend’s use of this brand does not mean it is the best choice for you. All brands have issues and flaws. Many new brands offer lower prices without compromising on quality. So, think wisely and choose the brand that will work best for you. Think about the tasks you will perform with your router table, and choose a model that can do the job you need.

2. Select a brand carefully:-

Most hobbyists know which brand they would like to buy when they go to the market. Although they might have heard of the brand name somewhere, they will not very familiar with it. Some buyers only want tools made in America, while others only look at prices. Sometimes, however, you have to take a chance instead of sticking with a certain brand.

The market is full of brands of all sorts, and each one has its bestsellers and losers. Do not shop for a specific brand, rather find a router table that will meet your needs. Emphasize the features of the model. Newer brands are often equipped with innovative features that can’t be found in established brands. When you overlook a brand, you miss out on the opportunity to get a better deal and enjoy new features.

3. Small router tables aren’t the best option:-

Basically This is for beginners who are buying their first router table. Your way of working with projects will be transformed when you have a router table. However, buying the cheapest model first is tempting because you can see if you like it. Naturally, the price matters, but the small router table will quickly become obsolete.

A smaller router table may also have non-standard parts, which mean that you cannot add accessories such as fence or miter gauge. Therefore, buying the cheapest table might be false decision. It’s best to start with an industry standard size equipped with a t-track, miter track, and insert. Often, these three features are scaled down on cheap tables…

4. A dust collection feature isn’t necessary for a table:-

A vacuum cleaner would be a great convenience in removing dust from a router table. However, that’s not the way it works. It is impossible to get a vacuum that fits all dust sizes on the market simply because manufacturers do not produce such units. The dust port adaptor can be bought separately and then cut to fit your system.

Dust collection might not seem like a necessity, but router tables can make a mess as you work. You can reduce your cleaning time by collecting dust. Additionally, dust collection only raises the price of a table by $10-20. You will be glad to have this feature in the future.

5. Instructions And Directions Are Not Followed:-

It is odd how beginners often ignore instructions. Or they just glance at them so quickly that they misunderstand and then not follow them properly. They are faced with an awkward situation that could have easily been avoided.

And A frustrating situation can occur when you call an operator expecting help but he/she doesn’t know that you simply didn’t follow the instructions and there is no problem at all. So, it is important to read all the instructions that come with the table router. Most manufacturers also have assembly videos available online.

6. Purchase only the accessories you need for your table.

Another mistake we will discuss is purchasing everything that comes with their new router table from the store. Although it is good for sellers, maybe you do not need all these additional items.

If you are a beginner in woodworking, purchase one and complete a few projects on it. Learn new ways of operating the table with online tutorials and videos. This will help you determine what accessories and attachments you actually need. You might not need a coping sled, but you do need a box joint jig.

It can be tempting to get everything at once, but most of it may not be used. If you’re going to buy something, a set of extra router bits is definitely necessary. It’s the accessory you should not be without.

7. Don’t Be Wary of Drilling Your Insert

It would be easy to go on and on here, so I will try to keep it brief. Do not worry if your table does not already have holes pre drilled for your router, it is not as difficult as you might think. I hear that a lot of people worry about doing too much of that. You can watch a video or read text directions on the Router Table Depot site for assistance.

The base plate on your router is serving as a guide for you. If you purchase a pre drilled model, then you won’t have this choice. About $20 more is needed for the pre-drilled models. Which is better, phenolic or aluminum? You should remember that it depends on what you are doing.

You should buy an aluminum router if you insist on using a 3 HP router on your table. People like to use the biggest and baddest router they can find and they hang it on the cheapest router plate they can find. After that, they are upset when it eventually bends and changes the flatness of the insert.

One of other significant problems is carpenters who store their router in the router plate of the table. The force of gravity can eventually pull even the flattest of inserts out of level. The prices of all inserts are basically the same in order to be competitive. A nicer, heavier-duty aluminum insert (Woodpecker) tends to run about $90.

8. Ignoring the Bench Top Models

Adding router tables to the shop is a common approach, but many woodworkers overlook the smaller benchtop models in favor of full-size tables. Several excellent smaller tables have all the features that their larger counterparts have, which means that they are equally as appealing. If you purchase a benchtop-sized model and attach it to your own stand, you can save a lot off money.

Mostly Benchtop models have the same style of fence and insert, so they can do most projects the same way. There are even a few models available that can accept a lift. It is always possible to make an in-feed or out-feed extension that can be used on your router table if you are concerned about table size. This gives you all the functionality of a large table but the flexibility of a smaller one at a lower cost.

9. Misinterpreting Product Reviews

We read lots of product reviews and we’ve seen a trend with many of them. The majority of people do not review the product; rather, they rate their service experience with the vendor or how their product was shipped.

When you purchase ten different things from the same vendor, it is highly unlikely that you will have a consistent shopping experience. Routing tables have several parts which are prone to not being machined properly or having small flaws. The majority of vendors would like you to remain as a customer, so they want you to be happy. In today’s competitive environment, obtaining a one-time customer is not the goal. In other words, screwing the customer (sorry, no better word) is such a poor idea.

When reviewing products, the best reviews mention what router is being used with the table and any unanticipated issues. It is always a good idea to have assembly instructions, along with quality parts for the table. Obviously, there are always going to be people who do dumb things with the table or don’t read the directions, who then vent to the world about how disappointed they are.

A good point to keep in mind is to check if the product is well supported. Sometimes items get damaged during shipping, and parts are easily replaceable. Many reviews will say whether the vendor was helpful or not. You could also consider how many people have written reviews after taking the product out of the box as opposed to how many have written them after they have used it.

10. Buying the Whole Store

One of the most common mistake is that people immediately want to purchase everything under the sun for their new table. I applaud that from a sales perspective, but it isn’t always in your best interest as a woodworker.

If you haven’t used a router table before, you should get one and try it out. Check out some videos (youtube is great for this) and join some forums to ask questions. Once you start using it, you will feel much better about buying all the extra fun stuff. When your skills progress, you may find that using a coping sled and a box joint jig is not necessary.

If you buy every thing at once, you might end up with buyers’ remorse. It is better to spend your budget slowly and sure than all at once. It is better to spend your budget slowly and sure than all at once. I would recommend getting a nice set of router bits if you want to purchase something extra. As you use the table, you will learn a lot about router bits. You will definitely need this accessory.

Finel Words

In this guide, you will learn how to avoid problems with router tables, especially if you are a beginner. As soon as you have everything set up, you will be able to enjoy your new tool without any problems

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