39 Free DIY Router Table Plans

We’ve collected here 39 of the best DIY router table plans.
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39 Free DIY Router Table Plans & Ideas That You Can Easily Build:-

1. Creston Wood Router Table Plans:

This router table looks very useful. There is plenty of space for your router on this unit. and There is also plenty of workspaces. Also, it has a nice built-in drawer that would serve as a great place to keep little items on hand. To make things even better, they are free. Therefore, it can be yours for only the cost of the wood and the accent pieces.


2. Router Table Pressure Jig:

A unique feature of this table makes it stand out. The pressure jig will give you adjustable pressure as you route objects near the edge and let you stop cuts easily.

If you need this feature, you’ve come to the right place. These free plans will give you what you need right away.

3. Quick and Easy Router Table:

The best purpose for this router is for someone who is not a professional carpenter but still needs to use a router from time to time. This table has open space beneath it for storage.

However, it still has a drawer under the table for storage, which is quite useful. It could be the best match for your router if you wish for something simpler.

4. Jane’s Router Table:

Jane, a blogger, originally suggested this router table in a separate post. She participated in the development of the basic build. But After getting a great deal on a router, this blogger made some adjustments to create the final product. You may enjoy it as well.

5. Patrick’s Router Table:

The fans of Ana White know that she has everything you could ever need to build a homestead or tiny house. Personally, we all adore her here. There should be no surprise that she has a solution to help you build an excellent router table. This unit offers plenty of storage and workspace. Let’s hope you’ll like it even more than we do.

6. Wood Smith Router Table:

This is the perfect design if you need something really simple. If you are a beginner at carpentry, this could be the perfect build for you. The desk does not have drawers or other additional features. Even so, it still has an elegant, clean appearance for a router table. This is a project that would make any newbie feel proud.

7. One Project Closer Router Table:

You can use this guide if you need visuals to build something properly. Even if you don’t, you’ll appreciate the details.
You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for plans that will enable you to build a simple router table.

8. The 3-in-1 Router Table:

This router table is more than just a router table. I cannot believe it! that, a circular saw and a jigsaw can be fitted on the frame. Those of you who are carpenters, or at least have pretty good carpentry skills, will love to have this table in their lives.

9. American Woodworker Router Table:

In order to sell this router table, they are trying very hard to recreate all of the details that are found in a store-bought router table. It could just be that you have found the router table of your dreams, complete with a beautifully designed fence, sag-free top, and a built-in cabinet. They claim that you can build this table for half the price of the store-bought ones.

10. Wall Mounted Router Table:

If you know me, then you know I’m a huge fan of all things ‘murphy.’
Do you know? The Murphy brand has already expanded to beds, desks, and now router tables. You don’t have to worry about storing another piece of equipment when you use this. Additionally, this router table is extremely compact and convenient to use.

11. The All Around Router Table:

this router table are easy or even a step-up. It certainly depends you wish within a router table upon you, your talent, and just what.

Therefore then these programs can provide you that in the event that you aspire to possess easy router table without any storage space. But underneath you could have that also by using these programs in the event that you want to possess storage space pantry. It’s all you may need in a single place.

12. Table Saw Router Fence:

Perform a table is had by you saw? Well, then you’re in fortune if that’s the case. For the reason that it you’re currently halfway to presenting a router table also after you read these plans you’ll realize.

Why is these programs so amazing could it be up to a dining table saw they uncovered a option to produce a router fence and connect. Consequently, you can have two tables in a single.

13. Cheap and Easy Storage Router Table:

Are you currently on a tight budget? Don’t worry because so am we. Consequently they are you lacking an entire large amount of space for storage also? Really, aren’t all of us?

If you’d like a router table with little to no price and that won’t have a ton-up of storage area then you may are finding it in this design.

14. The DIY Router Table:

This router is enjoyed by me personally dining table, and I also love the content that tells you the way to construct it. The key reason why i enjoy the content is you the way to create it, nonetheless they offer you a completed item they usually do not just inform. It provides you just a little support while you tackle a task this is certainly brand new.

But i truly love the style for the task since it is easy this is certainly extremely. Not everybody desires an router table this is certainly extravagant. This will be a great selection for those that desire something on the essential part.

15. The Country Classic Router Table:

It absolutely was therefore gorgeous I becamen’t yes I became evaluating a router table whenever I very first saw this router dining table. It reminds me personally of a bureau this is certainly old clean section in the event that you don’t glance at the top from it.

Perchance you desire a thing that can also be useful but quite to check out then this could be the router table you’ve already been interested in. A lot is included because of it of storage space together with the rest this router table provides.

16. Router Table And Organizer:

This router table is not simply basic router table this is certainly old. Then this most likely is not it if you’re some body selecting anything quick.

However this router table can help you with this if you’re buying router dining table which will provide some company to your woodworking insanity. You usually have a huge amount of smaller things going swimming whenever you are creating. A couple of compartments to help keep it arranged is just a bonus this is certainly great.

17. Trash Can Router Table:

Let’s say that you aren’t carpentry savvy. That’s okay. I’ll be honest, if it weren’t for my husband our homestead wouldn’t look nearly as good as it does. He is the carpenter in the family.

If you and I have that in common then this router might be for you. Instead of having to build a base, you can just use a trash can. It cuts the project’s work in half.

18. Fold Away Router Table:

I’m an admirer with this router table. It’sn’t trend that is very murphy it really is special and ideal for homes or storage space buildings that don’t have great deal of space for storage.

This router table is mounted on a workbench. You pull it whenever in usage then fold it away only if not being used. It reminds me personally associated with the television this is certainly old trays. Those had been convenient and thus is it router table.

19. $100 Router Table:

Is it necessary to make every buck matter? I am aware. We’ve been truth be told there done that. But don’t allow finances slow you straight down whenever building tools which can be advantageous will allow you to purchase your property.

In case a router is necessary by you dining table but really are a small tight on money, let me reveal the one that are designed for $100. It does not provide great deal of storage space. However it is a create this is certainly quick will surely complete the job.

20. The Family Handy Man’s Router Table Plans:

The programs because of this table are actually great. Everyone loves which they give you a few functions being additional other websites don’t. Beyond providing intends to a tremendously router this is certainly useful in addition they assist you to determine various other facets of the create.

They consist of functions like the length of time the create shall just take. In cases like this they do say it will require a to construct this router table week-end. Which isn’t insanely priced, but an estimation is written by your website it might cost as much as $500. Then chances are you only discovered it if this feels like exactly what you’re finding.

21. Garbage Can Dremel Router Table:

We shared one such as this currently. But this will be an alternative choice this is certainly actually cool off a router table.

Once again, then it is a great choice for you if you should be somebody that doesn’t desire to spend the full time, cash, or ability into creating a router table.

22. 3 Different Router Tables:

Then this website may well be a great place to begin in the event that you aren’t precisely yes what you are actually selecting within a router table. They feature three really styles which are various will definitely capture your attention.

Therefore then you may discover design you’ve already been seeking if you’d like a straightforward router table. You will discover that also if you need something more technical. Have a go.

23. Bench-Mounted Router Table:

This may be a special and indisputable fact that is actually cool. You will possibly not wish bunches various tables and resources around your store if you’re a hectic woodworker. It gets also cramped.

The answer is usually to be a router tabletop that may be slid more than a workbench. In that way it’sn’t one more contraption using up area this is certainly valuable.

24. The Ultimate Router Table:

This router table is perhaps all you might truly previously desire within a router table. It demonstrably includes a workplace this is certainly great any task your router may get into collectively.

But it addittionally has actually lots of space for storing. There are take out compartments and two cupboards which are complete. This could be a fantasy that is woodworker’s.

25. The Rolling Router Table:

Have you got some cable this is certainly old lying around? In that case, there are always a great deal of utilizes for all of them. Including developing a rolling router table away from one.

This is usually a great choice if you’d love to upcycle anything to generate your router table. Not forgetting it is apparently much more petite than several other choices.

26. DIY Router Table:

Have you got a router this is certainly brand-new desire a router table to install it in? Think about creating your very own? With your programs, you are able to create your router this is certainly very own table no time at all.

You might be taken by all of them through the programs step by step with explanations along with visuals. What’s more, you’re able to begin to see the complete link between others who also have made this table because of these programs at the end regarding the web page. Seems like inspiration adequate, appropriate?

27. Simple Router Table:

This router table seems extremely simple and easy really economical also. If you should be some body that should adhere to a spending plan this is certainly tight adhere to one thing easy to develop this can effortlessly be it.

And beyond the purchase price and develop this is certainly simple it is extremely useful also. I favor tips on how to connect numerous plug-ins while nevertheless having a sum this is certainly sufficient of area also.

28. Router Table-Mate:

This router table partner is really a function this is certainly great have actually along with your router. It is a dirt enthusiast as well as includes a dimensions this is certainly great also.

Exactly what is better still is the fact that it could be designed for about $50. This is certainly incredibly sensibly listed therefore the reality it that much better that it’s really useful creates.

29. Router Table Cabinet:

We tend to be polar opposites. He could be messy i will be an excellent neat individual because they come, and. But somehow it works.

If you feel you may need this pantry like you’re a rather orderly individual (or possibly you’d love to cross and become one) then. It could undoubtedly allow you to keep all things useful when using your router table.

30. Stow-And-Go Router Table:

This is a really neat router table. First of all, it is portable. If you need to be able to move your table around easily then this one obviously gets high marks for that.

But it also costs less than $100 to build. And the site makes building it very easy. They offer great instruction and a video too.

31. Mounted Router Table:

It is another router table. You may love this particular website if you are a experienced carpenter. You will probably find it only a little difficult to navigate if you should be however into the newbie group.

In either case, it is awesome to help you to really have a router dining table you’ll pull-down and make use of when you wish to. Then fold it away once you don’t. Then you’ll love this router table if it sounds advisable that you you.

32. Quick and Easy Router Table:

This router table is actually special. This has an alternative this is certainly flexible the dining table may be fallen or raised to fit your level quickly.

But this router table now offers a lot of business also. It offers closet shelving and area. Then it’s your router table if you value those functions.

33. Another Ultimate Router Table:

This router table seems very nice. It will be a inclusion this is certainly great any woodworking store. It offers a lot of workspaces.

But it additionally features storage space this is certainly numerous and cupboards with it as well. One included feature is just a room this is certainly tiny the trunk designed to arrange smaller resources also.

34. Woodworker Router Table:

This router table is really a inclusion this is certainly gorgeous your workshop. It features a work this is certainly great and a lot of storage space also.

Exactly what helps it be so excellent is its gorgeous to consider. It really is crafted from wood and seems like an item this is certainly genuine of.

35. Simple Router Table Plans:

This router table is extremely fundamental. It does not provide any kind or type of storage space. It’s essentially a workplace which is it.

However this workplace could work perfect for you in the event that you don’t aspire to have a extra great features. This is a dimensions that is great must certanly be very easy to make use of.

36. Router Table Plans With Storage:

This router table seems good. It looks really durable as it’s built from wooden. Additionally includes a work area this is certainly good-sized.

But let me make it clear in regards to the storage space. It has an storage space this is certainly open beneath the task area. And a great deal of compartments heading down either general region of the router table. Storage space must be no irritating issue with this specific table.

37. Router Table From A Reclaimed Desk:

Are you experiencing an work desk this is certainly old around somewhere? In that case, use it this is certainly great. Then make use of everything you have actually if you’re a carpenter (or perhaps a considering taking on the characteristic. And after that you won’t have this kind of investment this is certainly big.

But, although the financial investment might not be huge this router table are completely practical nonetheless. As well as, you shall have a lot of storage space which constantly is available in useful.

38. Almost Free Router Table:

You will possibly not wish to place hundreds (and even a hundred) bucks into creating a routing table if you should be some one which has simply taken on the pastime of woodworking.

Then this may be a great selection for a router table if you should be among those individuals. They use old unused items such as for instance a clothes base as well as a cabinet home to make a really router table this is certainly helpful. Have you thought to test it out for?

39. Basic Router Table Plans:

This router table is a classic design. It almost resembles an old tabletop design. Yet, it is very functional and has an ample amount of workspace.

But the best part about these plans is the details. There is a materials list and lots of information to help you during the build. It is all very organized and should make the task much simply because of it.


Well, there you go guys. I’ve listed off almost 40 different designs for router tables. Hopefully these plans will help you through the project.


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