9 Best router table 2023 – Reviews and Buyer Guide

If you are fond of woodworking and use routers to give a professional look to your projects, then the router table is one of the most useful products that you can add in your workshop or garage. Doesn’t matter you’re a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, a best router table can give perfection to your work.

A combination of the best router and a router table can mold a profile into a piece of wood smartly. It will allow both of your hands to be free. And will give you more control during the cutting process.

It’s true,

A router table is one of the essential piece of woodworking equipment. And there is a lot of option in the market like Bench top router table , Horizontal router tables , portable ruter table and Extension router table etc. Each table has its characteristics, but You deserve the best one that fulfills all your needs.

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Table Fence Bundle
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Best router table 2023

Searching the best router table is difficult because there are lots of models in the markets, and they also vary in price, and you think that its a never-ending task.

But, Stop!

now your search is ended. We searched and tested the top router table in the market and come back with a list of top router table reviews 2023 that will help you to select the best routing table according to your choice.

We have done a lot of search to find the best router table. There were many things in our mind when we worked on it like the quality of the router table, price, safety, and much more. Finally, we have managed to create a list after tested a lot of different products.

We assure you that all products on our list will according to your needs, does not matter you are a beginner or a professional.
Don’t worry

if you have a budget problem our list will help you to find such a router table that is under your budget and will also help you out with your work.

list of top router table

Router table
kreg PRS 1045
Bosch Benchtop RA1181
SKIL RAS800 SKIL Router Table
Bench Dog 40-102 ProMax
Kreg PRS1045
Grizzly Industrial T10432
XtremepowerUS Deluxe
Rockler Trim Router Table

1.Table Fence Bundle – Best Value Router Table Setup

best router table

It is heavy Gage metal and the bolts are chrome plated witch will not rust. its quality is exceptional. very easy to assembled it. Everything went together and aligns perfectly. having a good quality, strength of stand and caster wheels are good and go off and on easy.

Top is thick enough. If you want a router table that fulfills all your needs, then the Kreg PRS1045 Precision System set is a good option. It also comes with some extra features like fence and casters. Though price was fair with all extras.

Professionals woodworkers will appreciate its versatility. To know  more about kreg router table, click here.

  • Easy to assembl.
  • Turn the table into a cart.
  • Quality is excellent.
  • Table with all of it’s accessories.
  • Stand is heavy.
  • Limited edition.
  • High price.

2.Bosch Benchtop RA1181 – Best Professional Router Table

bosh benchtop router table

This is the large surface table on which any large size wood can easily cut without any complication. The cuts and the angles made by this are sharp-edged which is not possible with any hand router. That’s why this helpful machine is manufactured by the manufacturers.

The stationary object which can be placed easily in the shop or a garage is the most helping tool for the workers. Its aluminum top surface provides a rigid surface for the proper woodworking. And 2-1/2 dust-collection ports offer better dust protection and keep the environment clean and safe.

Moreover, it has mounting hardware having a tall aluminum fence with adjustable MDF face plates, two outfeed shims and an aluminum router mounting plate. As if it’s not enough, the starter pin and guard for routing curved workpieces are also included. Not only but also has a built-in cord wrap for convenient storage and portability.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Quality is excellent.
  • The top has a perfect size and very smooth.
  • Fully adjustable fence.
  • Simple to use.
  • Comes with accessories like featherboards.
  • Having plastic legs.
  • The fence is hard to adjust.

3.SKIL RAS800 SKIL Router Table:-

skill ras800Skill RAS800 Router Table belongs to the skillful people. It assists the woodworkers as much as it can, Unlike other machines. It has an accessory storage bag, which is its uniqueness and makes it worthy, unlike other products.

The accessory bag helps to store and save the accessories come-up with this. Indeed it has necessary parts like the fence, router bits in addition to it has feather board, meter gauge, and bit inserts as well.

Feather board in this machine help and guide workpiece for more accurate routing. Importantly bit height gauge helps simplify set-up and improves the accuracy of cuts. Last but not the least, starter pin and guard support workpiece when routing curved edges.

  • Easy to use.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easily stored.
  • Top plate is laminated.

4.Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension:-

bench dog router table

If you are looking for the best product which consumes very little space and gives benefits like other giant machines, the Bench Dog router table would be best of all.It is easily adjustable in very tight spaces like small shops or garage.

This is the best routing machine for the woodworkers to do their work precisely. this is used in the professional field and, gives aid for proper functioning, woodworking, and routing applications.This is known for its compact design and best-selling product in the market.

It can easily fit all contractor-grade table saws and all right-tilt cabinet grade table saws that have 27-inch deep by 1-1/2-inch thick cast iron tables.As a matter of fact, its dual fence slot configuration lets you rotate the fence and work from either side of the table to maximize surface area.

Moreover, an added benefit is the additional meter slot to the left to your saw blade-perfect for crosscut sled use. Bench Dog comes with a heavy-duty bit guard and a 2-1/2inch diameter dust collection port.

  • Dual fence design.
  • Perfect for small shops.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

5.Kreg PRS1045Best portable router table:-

best router table

Yes, this is what you expect from a KREG product. Kreg PRS1045 Precision System is suitable for almost all tasks you might need completing.

Its adjustable and unique features are unmeasurable. Thus the unique tips and techniques make the woodworking projects to the highest level. Besides this, the powerful system offers a large, durable table-top and a T-square style fence along with a stand.

Moreover, it has an innovative fence that always remains parallel to the meter-gauge slot. Just like other router tables, KREG PRECISION also has a built-in dust collector that collects all the dust during the router process.

In the meantime, this 24×32 inch table has a 1 inch thick MDF core that absorbs vibration. Furthermore, a tough surface made form high-pressure laminate helps workpieces glide easily. To make routing easier, KREG PRECISION has a stand made up of heavy gauge steel.

Unlike other equipment, the steel stand has 4 wheels as well. Which gives aid to the woodworkers to move it from one place to the other without facing the slightest problem.

The following items includes in this kit…

  • Precision Top, # PRS1025
  • Precision Fence, # PRS1015
  • Multi-Purpose Steel Stand, # KRS1035


  •  24″ x 32″ top includes a router insert plate with three molded Level-Loc reducing rings
  • 36″ T-square style fence features a micro-adjust wheel for precise setups
  •  Outfeed anchor has been redesigned for more usable table space and easier removal
  •  Multi-purpose steel stand is adjustable from 31″ to 39″ in height
  •  Includes Router Table Top with insert plate, Fence and Multi-Purpose Steel Stand, #148166 KREG 4pc Casters Set not included
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Quality is excellent.
  • Heavy duty steel legs and braces.
  • Movable fence.
  • Frame is rock solid.
  • Plenty of included accessories
  • Stand is heavy.
  •  Should include a dust collection box.

6.Grizzly Industrial T10432 – Router Table with Stand

grizzly router tableThe router table should never use without proper precautions. For this purpose, the workers make sure that all lock levers and knobs are tight. By keeping security in mind, the industries and big stores use this.

It is the best appliance used at the industrial level. This includes a sturdy all-steel stand. In addition to this, it has two split-fence boards are adjustable side to side with a rare mounted dust port that connects to a shop vacuum and a dust collection system. Grizzly Industrial T10432 is the best industrial product in the routing industry.

It’s perfect for the weekend and DIY projects.

  • Adjustable split fence.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Rubber feet.

7.Goplus Electric router table :-

go plus electric

Another best product in the woodworking profession is the GOPLUS ELECTRIC ALUMINUM ROUTER TABLE. The main table is made up of aluminum alloy, and the extension table is made of steel.

Moreover, Go Plus has an extension table as well. Identically, the extension table has a large size of 8×18 inches along with a smooth slide surface. Comparatively, this product has a transparent guard inserted
inside the fence without any binding to keeps woodchips from flying around. Above all, it has a steel stand to support the whole system table.

To sum up the discussion, we can say that it is a full package machine. Moreover, all instructions are mention in the manual that comes along with the Go Plus Aluminum Router Table.

  • Having extra large extension Table.
  • Multi-functional fence.
  • Quick installation.
  •  Easy care and cleaning.
  •  Entry level table for small projects.

8.XtremepowerUS Deluxe – Best Benchtop Router Table

xtrem plus

As the name of the product describes its properties, The Xtreme PowerUS Router Table is a powerful machine best for the routing process. Despite having a lightweight, it is a bit stronger.

It cuts the edges correctly and professionally. Unlike other router tables, Xtreme PowerUS has a picket fence that can be pushed out quickly. In addition to that, there is a dust port for dust collection, and it fits properly inside the table.

This 4lbs machine is beautiful and attractive for the client as well. Furthermore, its motor is very fast working and powerful just as its name. The engine has maximum power to rotate the spindle nicely.

  • Affordable item for every wood worker.
  • Heavy duty aluminum construction.
  • Strong but lightweight.
  • It is too light.

9.Rockler Trim  – Best Small Router Table

best router table

If you are looking for a budget-friendly product that is not only cheap by pricing but also perfect for the routing process, then Rockler Trim is the best product of all.

As some of the woodworkers cannot afford the expensive products but they feel the same difficulty as others in routing. So, Rockler Trim give them the benefit of low price with the best quality.

It is the product that is easily movable and beneficial for small workshops. Not only but it is perfect for small applications just like routing round-overs, chamfers, and small dadoes in your shop or at the job site.

Unlike other machines, its router can easily detach from the table without using any tools. Besides these, its acrylic base not only provides a budget-friendly, level base for free handwork, but it is also pre-drilled to fit the most popular trim routers.

good enough for DIYer’s.

  • Quick and easy set up.
  • Quailty is excelent.
  • Limited edition.

Parts of a router table:-parts of router table

Buyer’s Guide:-


The router table is the basic tool for a woodworker. It is a hand or power tool which helps artisans to rout an area on materials like wood or plastic and, allows the worker to work the router at a wide range of angles.
It is a type of a table in which a handheld router can be fixed, and the cutter of the router is being passed through a tiny hole to the top of the table.
when you buying a router table remember, choosing one who can free your both hands so, you can cut and shaped the wood and making error-free products. In simple words, a router table improves accuracy and eliminates errors.


There are three main types of router table you can choose one of them according to your requirements;-

Floor standing router table.
Bench top router table.
Extension router table.

Floor standing table:

It offers the benefit over the use of small router tables. Its main features are that you can easily mount on your bench, and it also gives the storage space for keeping all your router bits and other materials in the drawers.

The best quality is that it doesn’t take much place so, you can easily place it in your garage or workshop in addition to other router tables and materials.

It comes with feather boards, mitre guide, lead in a pin for curved wooden pieces, and dust outlet to enable you to work with perfection.

The dust collection part works very well and helps you to focus on your work rather than worrying about the cleanup afterwards.

Extension router table:-

The extension router table is suitable for you if you want to expand your woodworking experience but facing the space issue for it.This table exactly gives you sufficient opportunities to increase your woodworking skills by making an extension to your table saw on either side of a table with a standard fence and deep top.

It consists of aluminum T-track slots, T-slot, a high split fence, a router fence, a wood frame, measuring tape, and a durable safety guard.Moreover, the top of The table has got the melamine surface, polyethylene edges, and MDF core.

All these qualities make it a perfect router table for all those people who want to create astonishing wooden work but having low space for installing a big router table.So, this makes the extension router table an extremely feasible option for all those carpenters who have the skills but insufficient resources.The extension router table can quickly and effectively make space to all shops as you can install this table and start using it without worry about space.

Bench top router table:-

It is leading router tables in the market due to its versatile nature and flexibility to adjust in various types of routers.Different famous companies like Bosch, Bench dog, and Kreg have their benchtop router tables that give an outstanding performance.

The main feature is that it offers the exclusive workplace for woodworking and routing. actually, it has become an essential part of woodworking shops and gives versatility in terms of durability and movability.Incorporates the mounting hardware, aluminium fence, adjustable MDF face plates, aluminium router mounting plate, two outfeed shims are included in it.Moreover, the starter pin and guard that help to router curved wood pieces are also included.


Some Routers are hand-held while others are designed to be mounted to stationary objects. A router table is exactly the same object. Woodworkers were hardly doing their task, in the meantime manufacturers invented this router table. So then we compiled a few things which you should keep in mind about this table.


The very first thing you should know about the table is the rigid design. Which helps to support the weight of the router and the boards you use for routing as well. In brief, it should have a solid base as well.


The fence added in this product determines the size and width of the boards which woodworkers use during routing. Moreover, the adjustable fence gives you the piece of benefit for adjusting the fence according to your ease.


Usually, the cheaper router tables are made up of MDF or the cheap wood which doesn’t stay as long as the longer you want. Therefore one should prefer the cheap but good quality router table which is made from steel or any other type of good metal.


Storage is the basic element that can’t be neglected while buying a router table. However, we know that many tools are needed while doing woodworking so there must be a cabinet underneath the table for the storage of other helpful products. As compared to others some router table comes with extra attached racks for the same storage purpose.

Here is a complete guide on how to use a router table.


While buying a router table it is good to take recommendations from the sources and choose the best product. In the same in this article, we’ll help you out in decision making while buying the best routing product. In addition to that, we’ll give you the comprehensive knowledge about the most important things you should consider to find out the best routing table for your project.


The first major point before buying any product is to set a budget. Likewise one should always have the knowledge of our reserves. If you have an exact budget in mind, you can narrow down your potential options from the start. Remember one thing that you should not have any excessive budget plan for the best quality router table because we are offering you the least prize with the best-selling product.


The next step in choosing a router table is choosing your place of using a product. You should determine that if you want to keep it in your shop or garage then surely you don’t need any compact table. But if you want to keep it on a large workshop or on a large scale, then surely you need a large router table along with a stand with wheels and a storage rack as well.

But if you have to work on a worksite where a place is a big problem to face, then you need a smaller, more portable and adjustable router table. Fortunately, such router tables aren’t very expensive and you can have the best router table in less than 100$. There are many listed in our recommendations.


From all the above reviews it is clear that all router tables aren’t the same. They have different structures as well as a different base. Furthermore, some router tables attached with the workbench others sit on top of surfaces. And some have their own support system. If you work in a place having workbench then you won’t need a router table with stand.


Before starting a project, you should be confirmed about the size of the project. Suppose if you have a large project and you’re using a small router table it will surely affect your work. Moreover, it can create serious problems as well. So, one should be conscious of the size of the project before taking any step.


Most of the router tables come with fences and feather boards while others have many more accessories with them. This article gives you proper knowledge about the accessories that come along the router table.

Accessories may include especially a starting pin, steel bands, insert plates and many more. These things may not require all the time but they have their own importance in the routing process.


Whenever you buy any new product it is necessary to take your investment seriously. Just like if you buy any hardware, you won’t want it to break down in the next few days. In short, the only thing which can protect you and your product from this damage is the solid warranty.

Warranty is the thing which gives you a guarantee that if there will be any breakage or loss, the relevant company will be responsible for it. Moreover, it gives you the benefit of returning your next router table if it has any faults. Usually, most companies give you this benefit.

As a rule of thumb, you should be well aware of the fact that the company of which router table you’re going to purchase, is giving you at least 1 year warranty. If it doesn’t like that you may end up losing the product in minor breakage.

Some of the big companies give you a lifetime guarantee but some are limited too. In our recommendations and guidelines, there are many companies who give you a solid warranty for your router table.


Last but not the least important thing while purchasing any hardware is the company. You should always choose the best company for your product. In particular, when you are buying a router table, you’re not just buying a piece of hardware rather you’re working with the relevant manufacturers, Which works like a backbone.

If there will be any wrong thing with the router table the company will surely do the right thing for you. But if you choose the wrong company, you’ll end up regretting your decision when you will contact their customer care team. In summarizing these are some most important points a person should keep in mind before buying a router table. Because the router table is the most important hardware which helps you the most while doing a routing process.


Obviously yes. It depends on the need of your project. If you’re making dados or other notches on large pieces of wood, it’s necessary to have significant table size. If you’re using your table for smaller projects then no need to worry about the size.


Don’t use a router without a router table if you want to give a perfect look to your woodwork. It will help you get the most out of your grooves and design.

Don’t underestimate the power of a router table because it can give your woodworking work a professional and outstanding look. So, If you want to get the most out of your woodworking, it’s necessary to buy a router table.